Accepting New Students

I currently have limited spaces available for new piano students.  My students are progressing well.  They continue to play the piano and learn music theory at their lessons.  Piano lessons are enjoyable, but they are also quality lessons where students learn to read music!

Add some contrast with piano lessons

Students are back to school.  Would you like to add some contrast to their homework routine?  Piano lessons are a wonderful way to add some contrast to the studying and writing that children are doing at home with their school work.  Not only are children learning to play the piano at their lessons, but they are also gaining important music theory skills.

High quality teaching is offered at Patricia Holland Piano Lessons.  I have not only a Bachelor’s degree, but also a Master’s degree in keyboard performance.


Organ Lessons

I will be teaching organ lessons as well starting in September.  I am a former Dean of the Palm Beach County Chapter of the American Guild of Organists.  I have over 10 years experience teaching organ and piano students.

Sightreading and Music Theory

I emphasize sightreading in lessons.  Students will learn to read music at a comfortable, yet challenging pace.  Students should practice daily for the best results.

I also teach music theory.  My students love to work in their activity books along with learning how to play the piano.  My students comment that they are ahead in their music classes due to taking lessons with me.  Yea!


Summer Piano Lessons

Summer is fast approaching!  If your child is often bored over the summer, sign your child up for piano lessons.  Piano lessons give children a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

I now have several adult piano students.  They love their lessons!  Are you retired and looking for something to do?  Give me a call if piano lessons might be right for you.

I am also doing some limited traveling with piano lessons.  Please call or email me if you are interested.


Affordable Piano Lessons in West Palm Beach

Piano lessons at affordable rates, but not lacking in quality.  I have a Master’s degree in keyboard performance from one of the top music schools in the United States.

Serving the West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, and Boynton Beach areas.

Phone:  561-478-1657

Happy New Year!

As students are headed back to school this month, they are also headed back to their piano lessons.  My students are busy working on scales, music theory, reviewing and perfecting their piano assignments, and learning new pieces.

Piano lessons in this studio are given in a relaxing environment.  Parents comment that they enjoy coming to my studio as they actually get some time for themselves!

I teach high quality, focused lessons.  Please give me a call and ask about my rates if you live in the West Palm Beach, North Palm Beach, Palm Beach Gardens, Lake Worth, Royal Palm Beach, Wellington, or Boynton Beach areas.

Phone:  561-478-1657

Fantastic Fall Piano Recital

My studio played a wonderful piano recital on November 17th!  Everyone did such a great job.  I even had one piano student perform that had studied with me for only 3 months.

Even though we are approaching the holidays, it is important to practice.  Try to get in a little practice each day, even if it is for only 15 minutes.  Consistency is the key to performing well.

Please give me a call if you are in the West Palm Beach area and are interested in piano lessons.  Phone:  561-478-1657

Daily Practice for Piano Lessons

I encourage students to practice the piano every day.  Even if students are only able to practice for ten to fifteen minutes on some days, that is better than not practicing at all.  I am patient and realize that there are many demands on children as well as parents.  My goal is for a child to do his/her best and enjoy his/her piano experience.

School has started and students are signing up for lessons.  Please give me a call at 561-478-1657 if you are interested in piano lessons.  I offer affordable rates for piano lessons and am conveniently located in West Palm Beach.


Practicing the Piano

Taken directly from Parenting Magazine (August 2013) –

Experts talk about the benefits of “deep” or “deliberate” practice, which includes repetition of a particular movement or musical passage, doing something extra slowly, and working at a level that is slightly more challenging than what you can already do.  “It’s a shame we call it playing music, when it’s really work,” points out Dr. Robert Cutietta.  “But if you never get over the initial hurdle of learning to play well, it’ll be hard to really enjoy it.”

Instead of practicing for a certain length of time every day, it’s more effective for your child to set specific daily goals, such as “play this measure until it sounds good,” says Dr. Cutietta.  It’s also helpful to plant the seeds for longer-term goals.  Taking her to a middle-school band concert may be more motivating than seeing the local philharmonic because being on that school stage seems like a realistic goal.